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Leading Ladies Progress in Nanjing at the Volkswagen Open China

The leading players in the qualification stage of the Womenís Singles event at the Volkswagen Open China in Nanjing, all negotiated their group matches on Thursday 28th June 2007.

There were victories for Japanís Haruna Fukuoka, Chinaís Peng Luyang and Ding Ning plus Viktoria Pavlovich of Belarus and Kwak Bang Bang of Korea. None were extended the full seven games distance as they progressed unhindered to the main draw.

Haruna Fukuoka opened her account with a five games win over Russiaís Natalia Bolshakova before recording a straight games success against Chinese Taipeiís Lee I-Chen.
Meanwhile, Chinaís Peng Luyang was in dominant mood as was her compatriot Ding Ning. Peng Luyang overcame Koreaís Cho Ha La and the Chinese Taipei teenager, Cheng I-Ching whilst Ding Ning also beat Chinese Taipei opposition in the form of Pan Li-Chun, having earlier accounted for Japanís Hiroe Udo.

Success for the Chinese attacking duo and there was success for the defensive skills extolled by Viktoria Pavlovich of Belarus. She beat Englandís Kelly Sibley and Austriaís Veronika Heine, whilst Koreaís Kwak Bang Bang overcame Russiaís Marina Shavyrina and the talented left handed thirteen year old Japanese prodigy Kasumi Ishikawa.

In the Menís Singles qualification stage it was the rising generation that impressed.

Japanís Kenta Matsudaira, Chinese Taipeiís Chiang Hung-Chieh and Germanyís Patrick Baum all finished in first place in their respective groups, whilst for Englandís Gavin Evans third place was his lot, yet the fourteen year old Englishman was the player to cause one of the major surprises on the opening day.

In his opening match he beat Koreaís Kim Jung Hoon in seven games before losing to Indiaís Aniket Vinayak Koparkar in four straight games; Kim Jung Hoon, having suffered an unexpected defeat, recovered to beat Aniket Vinayak Koparkar in five games. The end result was therefore that Aniket Vinayak Koparkar finished in first place in the group, with Kim Jung Hoon second; as for Gavin Evans it was rough justice. He had recorded one of the very best wins of his young career and had been denied progress to the next stage.

Elation and disappointment for Gavin Evans, whilst for Japanís sixteen year old Kenta Matsudaira his two wins were more notches on his belt of victories; he beat Thailandís Sithichok Vipaawatanakul in four straight games and dealt out the same punishment when faced with Hong Kongís Li Kwun Ngai.

Meanwhile, for both eighteen year old Chiang Hung-Chieh and Patrick Baum, who celebrated his twentieth birthday on 23rd June 2007, they were each required to play only one match.

Chiang Hung-Chieh was tested to the limit by Englandís Danny Reed; he won in seven games, whilst for Patrick Baum life was somewhat easier. He beat Indiaís Pathik Mehta in five games.

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